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Bailiffs to announce Crimean officials’ debts

Until the end of 2015 bailiffs are to monitor the debts of the civil servants of Crimea, as well as publish these results, the Deputy Head of the Federal Service of Court Bailiffs of the Republic of Crimea (FSSP) ...

Armenia on threshold of debt crisis

According to Jubilee Debt Campaign experts, Armenia is on the threshold of the debt crisis. The Jubilee Debt Campaign is a global movement demanding freedom from the slavery of unjust debts. Jubilee’s analysis defines countries as at high risk of

Greece to default tomorrow

The Greek government will not be able to pay the debt of $1.54 billion to the International Monetary Fund on June 30, resulting in a technical default. The government prevented the default today by paying 50,000 euros to the European Financial …

Armenian government debt about to hit $5 billion

By the end of the year, Armenia's governmental debt will have reached $4.8-4.9 billion, according to Atom Janjugazyan, deputy minister of finances, head of the Treasury, ARKA reports. Armenia started the year with a debt of