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U.S. Fed raises interest rate to 2.5%

The U.S. Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate a quarter-point but lowered its projections for future hikes. As markets had expected, the central bank took the target range for its benchmark funds rate to 2.25% to 2.5%. The …

Increasing oil price strengthens ruble

The ruble exchange rate has started to increase on the Moscow stock exchange today. The dollar exchange rate declined by 0.37 rubles and was worth 65.74 rubles, while the euro dropped 0.40 rubles and was worth 76.02 rubles. …

Ruble down after Brent price drop

The ruble exchange rate began to decline on the Moscow stock exchange today. The dollar exchange rate increased by 0.47 rubles and was worth 67.06 rubles, while the euro rose 0.43 rubles and was worth 77.14 rubles. Brent oil …

Russia's actions to reduce dependence on dollar

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov detailed the actions taken by the government to reduce Russian economy's dependence on the dollar. Siluanov noted that European companies are considering the idea of …

Policy launches another attack on ruble

The possible new sanctions against Russia by the U.S. and UK, after the Netherlands claimed that the Dutch military intelligence and security service had allegedly prevented an attack by Russian hackers against the OPCW, the Russian national …

Russia not to ban dollar use

Russia’s government doesn't plan to restrict dollar usage in the country, but intends to approve a plan to reduce dollar usage, as the Kremlin steps up efforts to cut dependence on the U.S. currency amid fears of new U.S. sanctions. …

"Europe and Asia seeking alternative to US dollar"

More and more countries in Asia and Europe are seeking an alternative to the US dollar, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. The spokesman noted that Washington has been undermining trust in what has been the …