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Greece intercepts Turkish drone  - media

The Greek air force has intercepted a Turkish military drone that violated Greece’s national airspace in the southeastern Aegean, Kathimerini newspaper reported. The Turkish Anka unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV ANKA) twice entered …

 Chinese hobby drones used against ISIS

X-8 commercial drones manufactured by China-based Skywalker Technologies are used for military reconnaissance, artillery spotting and even aerial bombing against ISIS as soldiers fighting in Iraq and Syria have discovered, the Financial Times …

Azerbaijani Armed Forces seize Armenian drone

The units of the Azerbaijani armed forces have implemented a forced landing of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a quadrocopter DJI Phantom belonging to the Armenian armed forces. According to the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan, the drone …

Azerbaijani military destroys Armenian drone

Azerbaijani armed forces’ units shot down another Armenian drone.  Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said that the drone of DJI Inspire 1 (Quadcopter) type was detected and destroyed by the army. The drone …