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Azerbaijan hit by power blackout after explosion at HPP

Azerbaijan experienced a total electrical blackout early on July 3, but authorities report that supplies are slowly being restored throughout the country. Authorities attributed the massive outage to an explosion at a hydroelectric …

 Iran to join European electricity network

Iran plans to access Europe’s power network through adjacent neighbors’ electricity networks, Iranian minister of energy Reza Ardakanian said. Saying that Iran is paving the way for the investment …

Does Armenia give up on its nuclear power plant?

Next summer the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant will stop for two months for activities on its lifetime extension. Another four months - before and after a complete stop - the station will work at half load. Russia's Rosatom together …

Power supply restored in Crimea

Power supply in Crimea was fully restored after scheduled temporary blackouts left over 108,000 people without electricity, the Russian Energy Ministry said. "At 10:25 p.m. [local time, 19:25 GMT]… all consumers that have …

Russia resumes electric power supplies to China

Russia resumed electric power supplies to China. They were suspended earlier today due to an accident. "All five lines are already operation at the moment," Gazeta.ru reports citing Federal Network Company. …

Azerbaijan publishes roadmap on public utility services

The roadmap on public utility services (electric and thermal energy, water supply and gas supply), previously endorsed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, has been published. According to the document, during its implementation …

Grozny remains partially without electricity

A part of Grozny residents people remained without electricity due to a power cut at the Grozny substation at 20:46, the press service of Chechenenergo said, adding that they lost a total of 20 MW. Chechenenergo electricity …

Georgia starts earning with the help of electricity transit

Georgia has started carrying out the transit of electricity in two directions. Thus, the State Electricity System of Georgia transfers Russian electricity to Armenia, and Azerbaijani electricity to Turkey. 30 MW from Russia and 80 MW from Azerbaijan …

10,000 people in Georgia suffer from power cut

10,000 people in Georgia still suffer from power cut due to heavy snow.  The head of the department for relations with the regions and local governments, Giorgi Amashukeli, will visit the problem regions to check …