emergency situations in the East

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Fire breaks out at Iranian petrochemical complex

A storage tank in a petrochemical complex in Iran’s western province of Kermanshah caught fire yesterday, Tasnim News Agency reported. The incident happened at the Bistoon Petrochemical Complex, 15 km east of Kermanshah, the …

EgyptAir black box 'located'

Egyptian government sources are telling CBS News that they have located Flight 804's black boxes in the Mediterranean and are working to recover them. A military spokesman refused to comment on the report, The Telegraph reports. …

1st images of EgyptAir wreckage released

The Egyptian army has released pictures on Facebook of the wreckage of Flights MS804 and passengers’ belongings found in the southern Mediterranean, RT reports. The blue panel of the plane, …

France: Smoke detected on EgyptAir flight before crash

The French aviation safety agency said that the EgyptAir A320 that crashed into the Mediterranean with 66 people aboard had transmitted automatic messages indicating smoke in the cabin, Aljazeera reports. "There were ACAR messages …

Bag exploded in the center of Istanbul

Today in the center of Istanbul Turkish sappers blew up an abandoned bag. Passers-by found the bag at one of the city's tourist attractions, Taksim Square, and reported it to the police, after which part of the square was cordoned off and the …

Fire at oil refinery in southwestern Turkey

In southwestern Turkey a large fire occurred at an oil refinery of the Tupras company. The cause of the fire is being established. It is reported that after information about the fire was received, firefighter crews immediately went to …

Child falls into shaft from fifth floor in Kutaisi

An extraordinary event happened in Kutaisi on Saturday night: a three-year boy fell into the elevator shaft from the fifth floor of a building. The child survived, he has several fractured ribs, but his life is out of danger now. …

Chemical leak in Istanbul’s leather factory

A chemical leak was discovered in the factory located in Istanbul’s Tuzla Organized Industrial Site.  All the workers of the factory have been evacuated. Fire engines have arrived at the scene, TASS reports. …