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 Militants kill 27 people in shooting of rally in Aleppo

Over the past four days more than 1500 citizens took to the streets in four areas of the city, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said, adding that all the rallies of civilians were ruthlessly stamped out by the …

Crimea bans ‘Mejlis’ activity

Without taking into account the voices of the different nationalities, Crimean society would be weak and unrepresentative, Krganov is sure

Anna Glazova: "Daesh is a global project"

The Deputy Director of Russia's Institute for Strategic Studies, the head of the Asia and Middle East Center, Anna Glazova said that Daesh is a large-scale project, the main purpose of which is the destruction of the existing …

Why are young people joining ISIS?

The Director of the Center for Ethno-Political and Regional Studies, Vladimir Mukomel, spoke about why young people are joining ISIS, as well as how to deal with this phenomenon. …

A bridge to Africa

Tunisia’s Ambassador: “We do our best to prevent terrorist attacks in our country”