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Gas sets Cyprus apart

The discovery of gas in the eastern Mediterranean has complicated attempts to reunify the divided island

Commercial gas prices to rise in Georgia

Today, the Georgian gas distribution operator announced an increase in the commercial gas tariffs. The tariffs for legal entities, except for bread production, will grow by 3 cents per cubic meter from March 1. “We want to …

Trump claims credit for cheap gas

Experts said Trump can take some credit for the increased supply of gas that has driven prices lower, but that fuel economics is a hugely complex subject, impacted by many variables. It took just a few hours into the new year for …

Putin and Pashinyan to discuss gas prices once again

A meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council will be held on December 6 in St Petersburg, on the sidelines of which Armenia's acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan plans to meet with Russia President Vladimir …