Premier League players, staff ordered to get vaccinated

The England Government has ordered the Premier League players and staff to get their vaccinations done with both doses in order to keep the league running, in case there is a winter lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 cases rising. The …

Italy extends state of emergency until December 31st

The Italian government has signed off on an extension to the country's state of emergency, keeping it in place until at the end of 2021. With a return to a steadily rising rate of coronavirus cases after weeks of decline, Italy …

Biden: getting vaccinated ‘gigantically important’

U.S. President Joe Biden expressed pointed frustration over the slowing COVID-19 vaccination rate in the U.S. and pleaded that it’s “gigantically important” for Americans to step up and get inoculated against the virus as …

Why do kids hate going to sleep, while adults usually love it?

The school holidays are here, and parents struggling to get their children to bed will no doubt be thinking: what is wrong with you? I would do anything to get more sleep! Children seem to do everything possible to avoid sleep, yet many adults can’t seem to get enough of it

Coronavirus finds new way to infect people

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that a single mutation gives SARS-CoV-2 the ability to enter cells through another route - one that does not require ACE2. To find more relevant cells …

‘Lambda’ Covid variant discovered in the UK

Cases of a new Coronavirus variant that has infected thousands across South America has been discovered in the UK. Six cases of the Lambda variant have been identified in the country, all of which have been …