What we need to know about 1918 massacres of Azerbaijanis

March 31 marks the Day of the Genocide of Azerbaijanis - on March 31, 1918, militants of the Dashnaktsutyun nationalist party and the Bolsheviks began mass murders of Azerbaijanis in Baku and other Azerbaijani cities . What do we need to know …

Gregorian Church bears responsibility for disappearance of Karabakh's Albans

It is important to know Karabakh's history to understand the reasons behind current geopolitical developments in the South Caucasus, Fazil Gasimov, a PhD student in Istanbul University, UNESCO Representative of UNESCO-accredited "Ashiq Shamshir" Cultural Center Public Union writes in the article OPINION - Gregorian Church bears responsibility for disappearance of Karabakh's Christian Albanians for Anadolu Agency. He shares the results of his research on Karabakh's history from different sources

The end of the Nagorno-Karabakh region as we know it?

The new trilateral agreement spells the end of the “Nagorno-Karabakh” region as we know it. There is no empirical “Nagorno-Karabakh” anymore to match its oft-used geographic-political or – legal label. Ethnic Armenians will get the same cultural and linguistic rights as other minority groups in Azerbaijan

Occupied Karabakh turned by Armenia into fake antiques factory

Archaeological, ethnographic, epigraphic, paleogeographic, paleontological and paleoanthropological scientific research carried out by scientists on the territory of Karabakh proved that the ancestors of the Azerbaijani people lived on these lands starting from the Guruchay culture period and created a rich legacy and spiritual culture. However, for 30 years, factories and workshops for the production of fake Armenian antiquity operated in all the occupied territories of Karabakh