nature disasters in the Caucasus

Two earthquakes hit western Georgia

Two earthquakes have struck Georgia with 3-minutes interval this morning, Georgia's Seismic Monitoring National Center reported. The first earthquake took place in Martgajina village, 14 kilometers south-east from Oni town …

Armenia commemorates Spitak earthquake victims

Today, it is the 29th anniversary of the tragic Spitak earthquake. The earthquake happened in Armenia's Spitak on December 7th 1988.  Powerful tremors in nearly half a minute destroyed the whole northern part of Armenia, …

Landslide hinders traffic on Georgian Military Road

The Georgian Military Road was closed for several hours due to heavy rain,  the Department of Highways of the Georgian Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia said.  The traffic was closed for all types …

Mud volcano erupts in Baku suburb

A mud volcano erupted in the suburb of Baku at 08:00 local time on May 2, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources said. The ministry received information about the eruption of Lokbatan mud volcano, located on the shore of the …

Prometheus Cave in Georgia re-opens for tourists

Minister of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia, Gigla Agulashvili, said that the entrance to the Prometheus Cave, located on the west of Georgia and blocked due to a heavy rain, is opened to tourists …

State of emergency in Western Georgia due to rain

The heavy rain has caused an extensive damage to several regions of Georgia. Now many villages in the west of the country are flooded, trees uprooted, bridges collapsed, and in the Upper Adjara the local residents were cut off from the …