Press Review

Armenian media press review (March 31st – April 6th)

This week the Armenian press fell into a stupor. According to the main Internet sources of the Armenian mass media, the country is experiencing a hunger for information, and its editions decided to wait till the difficult times are over and suspended …

Armenian press review (March 24 - 30)

Whether the drop in Russian gas prices is possible, who will become the president in 2018, why the Central Bank of Armenia is not in a hurry to publish data on money sent to physical figures in February through the Armenian banks from abroad

Armenian press review (March 17 - 23)

What caused the spectacular increase in economic activity noted by the Armenian National Statistical Service? How much will Russia be able to reduce the tariffs for gas for the country? Why do employees of the Moscow airports take such a keen interest in Armenian citizens?

Armenian press review (March 10 - 16)

Why Russian journalists know all the military secrets of Armenia, what surprises the authorities can expect from the voters in Yerevan during the upcoming parliamentary elections, and why the government has not resigned yet

Georgian media review for March 4-10

The threat of a split the Georgian Dream, the decision of the European Commission on visa liberalization, the hypothetical possibility of a meeting of the heads of the Russian Federation and Georgia