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Referendum in Abkhazia rejected

A turnout on the referendum in Abkhazia, according to the results on 18:00, was less than 1% (0.99%), the head of the Central Election Commission of the Republic, Batal Tabagua, said. …

Abkhazia holds referendum on snap presidential election

A referendum on the early presidential election is held in Abkhazia. The voters will be asked to answer one question - "Do you think it is necessary to hold snap presidential election in the Republic of Abkhazia?", TASS reports. …

US: Brexit to bring Russia and EU together

Britain leaving the European Union will be a serious test of the EU's unity, and may affect the position of the West in relation to Russia, calling the extension of the anti-Russian sanctions in January 2017 into question, the experts of the US company Stratfor said. According to the experts, a single EU front on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions has cracked even before the Brexit vote. At the same time they pointed out that some Russia-friendly countries, including Italy, Greece, and Hungary, called for greater discussion on extending sanctions against Russia. "Of course, the pro-Russia sentiment has not sufficed to break the EU unanimity in an actual vote. Nonetheless, it reveals growing uncertainty over the future of the sanctions – regardless of whether Moscow complies with the Continent's demands to implement the Minsk accords," Stratfor experts noted.

France ready to discuss issue of membership in EU

The majority of the French citizens support the idea of ​​holding a national referendum on a further membership of their country in the European Union, but still want their country to remain within a united Europe - these are the results of the …

English at risk as official EU language

A senior MEP has said English would be dropped as an EU official language once the UK leaves the bloc, unless rules are changed. "If we don't have the UK, we don't have English," Polish centre-right MEP Danuta Huebner …

Slovakia's party launches referendum on EU exit

Slovakia's far-right People's Party launched a petition for a referendum on the country's future in the EU. For a petition to be seen as adequate to launch a referendum, the party should collect 350,000 signatures from the …

 London bankers may move to Germany

Lobbying group Frankfurt Main Finance on Friday morning activated a special hotline for banks that want to discuss moving operations outside Britain following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, the managing director of the group, …

Paris talks about its own Brexit

The leader of the French far-right National Front party, Marine Le Pen, said the British Brexit vote is a 'victory for freedom' and called for all countries to have referendums on their European Union membership. …