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Lavrov: Brexit vote is UK's people business

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that it is the United Kingdom's own business whether it wants to remain in the European Union or withdraw. "This is an internal issue for the British …

Cameron: UK needs new leadership

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday morning said he would step down after the UK voted to leave the European Union in a historic referendum. "I will do everything I can as prime minister to steady …

Brexit supporters are winning

Britain has voted to leave the European Union: according to official data, 51.9% of voters backed Brexit, while the turnout was 72.2%.In total, the referendum was attended by more than 33.5 million people. Strongest leave vote: Boston 75.6%, South Holland 73.6%, Castle Point 72.7%. Strongest remain vote: Gibraltar 95.9%, Lambeth 78.6%, Hackney 78.5%. The leader of the Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage, thanked those that have voted to leave the European Union, Interfax reports. "We've got our country back. Thanks to all of you," he wrote on his Twitter page, using hashtag #IndependenceDay.

Merkel hopes Britain votes to remain in EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she hopes Britons vote to remain in the European Union in a referendum that is being nervously watched by financial markets and politicians across the world. Merkel said she favored …

Britain votes in divisive EU referendum

Polls have opened in a historic referendum on whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union or leave. Polling stations opened at 07:00 BST and will close at 22:00 BST. An estimated 46,499,537 people are entitled to …

Is there EU after Brexit?

On Thursday, June 23, the UK will host referendum on the country's secession from the European Union (the so-called Brexit). The voting was preceded by an extensive media campaign of both opponents and supporters of Brexit. …

Pushkov: Brexit not to affect Russia

Head of the Russian parliament’s foreign relations committee Alexey Pushkov says the UK’s possible quitting the European Union would not affect Russia, TASS reports. He says Moscow has an academic …

Tajikistan says yeas to constitutional amendments

The vast majority of the citizens of Tajikistan voted for the amendments to the Constitution at the referendum, the head of the Central Election Commission of Tajikistan Bakhtiyor Khudoyorzoda said. "3,000,814 …

Armenian National Congress boycotts National Assembly

The representatives of the opposition faction Armenian National Congress will boycott the upcoming sessions of the National Assembly of Armenia. “In this situation we cannot stay with you in the same hall because of trampling …