Four metro stations closed in Minsk amid protests

Four central metro stations were closed in Minsk amid mass protests in the city, trains run non-stop, the press service of the metro informed. "At 16.35, to ensure the safety of passengers at the entrances and exits, the metro …

Protesters in Beirut stormed four ministries

In Beirut, protesters storm the building of the Lebanese Ministry of Energy. Earlier, they stormed the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Economy and Lebanese bank associations. It was reported that in the Lebanese capital, …

Clash between street vendors and policemen in Georgia

According to the media reports, in Tbilisi, street vendors clashed with the police officers near the mayor's office. The participants of the rally decided to block the road, demanding for the representative of the mayor's office …

Does Trump provoke of split US?

Protests across the US after Donald Trump was elected president continue. Portland, Oregon, was swept by riots, police officers were forced to use weapons to restore order. Portland Police declared …

Armenian police disrupts a protest action of opposition

Six opposition activists has been detained by the police service in Armenia today on suspicion of plotting mass riots on the Republic Square during the Pope’s and the Catholicos of All Armenians ecumenical’s ceremony and prayers for …