anti-Russian sanctions

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Russia expects Nord Stream 2 to be completed soon

Russia expects to complete construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the near future, despite obstacles, Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak said. "We expect that in the near future construction of …

Berlin: U.S. sanctions on Nord Stream 2 unclear

Washington's sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for carrying Russian gas to Europe are now even more unclear in light of the gas consultations in Berlin, deputy spokesperson of the German government Ulrike Demmer …

U.S. businessmen warn against Russia sanctions

Two U.S. business groups are warning a key Senate committee against enacting sanctions on Russia, arguing that the measure would be disruptive to business and counterproductive in advancing U.S. interests. The U.S. Chamber of …

Russia strengthens position on global arms market

Russia's position on the global arms market is strengthening, despite intensified sanctions regime and unfair competition, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Commission on military and technical …

Germany rejects U.S. steps over Nord Stream 2

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas lambasted U.S. plans to impose sanction on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. "Decisions on European Energy Policy are taken in Europe. We reject foreign interference and, …

Germany slams U.S. sanctions on Nord Stream 2

Germany voiced "regret" after U.S. lawmakers gave initial approval to a bill that would punish contractors working on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. "We take note of the vote in the U.S. House of Representatives with …

U.S. urges to recognize Crimea as part of Russia

U.S. Professor Lyle Goldstein urged Washington urged Washington to "get over" Crimea's reunification with Russia. His article published in The National Interest magazine tells that Russia and Crimea have a common …