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Stress reduction as path to eating less fast food

Overweight low-income mothers of young kids ate fewer fast-food meals and high-fat snacks after participating in a study - not because researchers told them what not to eat, but because the lifestyle intervention being evaluated helped lower the …

U.K. coronavirus variant likely 30-70% deadlier

Evidence continues to grow that the U.K. coronavirus variant is likely more lethal, and leads to more hospitalizations and cases compared to wild-type strains of the virus, based on data released on a British government website. …

Apples stimulate production of new brain cells

Natural compounds found in apples can improve brain function, according to a new study from the International Society for Stem Cell Research. Using a mouse model, the experts demonstrated that apples and other fruits help stimulate …

Bill Gates predicts next two disasters facing mankind

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has warned the world about the next disaster. Gates said bioterrorism and climate change could be the next biggest threats to humanity. Gates had issued a warning about a deadly virus claiming millions of …

Melatonin could act as barrier against COVID-19 infection

According to a new study, published in Melatonin Research, melatonin synthesised in the lungs could act as a barrier against SARS-CoV-2, preventing expression of genes that encode proteins in cells such as resident macrophages in the …

Pomegranate juice could boost longevity

Pomegranate has shown impressive results in numerous studies by not only extending lifespans but also reducing the risk of serious diseases. The lifespan and health-span enhancing actions of the fruits of pomegranate were tested on …

Researchers find two new coronavirus variants in U.S.

Researchers in Ohio said that they’ve discovered two new variants of the coronavirus that likely originated in the U.S. - one of which quickly became the dominant strain in Columbus, Ohio, over a three-week period in late December …

Changes in heart rate may signal COVID-19

In addition to the main symptoms, your heart rate may signal you have COVID-19, Express writes. According to the COVID Symptom Study app, a not-for-profit initiative that has pooled together data from over four million contributors …