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Ancient Egyptian pigment revolutionizes biomedicine

An international research team led by Dr Sebastian Kruss from the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the University of Göttingen has produced a new nanomaterial based on the Egyptian blue pigment, which is ideally suited for applications in …

Drinking coffee impacts thinking

Coffee increases your problem-solving ability and your focus, a new study confirms. But it doesn’t make you more creative – so all writers and artists downing cups in the hopes of finding inspiration might be better off with a …

Family men more likely to express being sick

Social scientists think that a person’s values may shape internal views on 'socially appropriate sickness'. This has implications for how different individuals may take more action in dealing with illness rather than spreading …

Vac­cines to help with cancer

The pre-immunization acquired through common childhood vaccines can be used to enhance therapeutic cancer treatment, according to a new research from University of Helsinki published in the Cancer Research magazine. Professor Vincenzo …

Scientists: obesity similar to premature aging

Obesity can speed up a person's susceptibility to life-threatening diseases usually found in the elderly, according to a new study by Concordia University. The study was led by Sylvia Santosa, associate professor of health, …

Blood pressure control can extend life up to 3 years

Having blood pressure of less than 120 MM HG can extend a person’s lifespan from between six months to three years, depending on how old they were when they began intensive blood pressure control. A new study by investigators …

Drinking milk can increase risk of breast cancer

Researchers from Loma Linda University suggest that even relatively moderate amounts of dairy milk can increase women’s risk of developing breast cancer by up to 80%. Dr Gary Fraser, who led the study, said: "Consuming as …