shale oil

U.S. dependence on Russian oil  becomes apparent

According to the Energy Information Administration, Russia has become a second oil supplier to the United States after Canada. The thing is that the U.S. has lost heavy oil from Venezuela due to its own sanctions.And it's Russian …

Is U.S. shale’s golden age over?

OPEC gambles that the United States shale's golden age is over, Bloomberg reported citing the sources in the organisation. The OPEC minsters believe relentless U.S. oil production growth will slow rapidly next year. Oil traders and …

IEA: U.S. shale oil growth underestimated

Shale oil's impact will have "huge implications" for global energy markets for many years, executive director at the International Energy Agency Fatih Birol said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, …

Trump claims credit for cheap gas

Experts said Trump can take some credit for the increased supply of gas that has driven prices lower, but that fuel economics is a hugely complex subject, impacted by many variables. It took just a few hours into the new year for …