six mediators

Year after Iranian nuclear deal

Today marks a year since the signing of the Iranian nuclear program agreement. "Six" international negotiators (five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany) and Iran have agreed on a joint comprehensive action plan at last …

Lavrov joins talks on Iranian atom

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov today intends to join the negotiations between Iran and the six international negotiators in Vienna, source in the Russian Foreign Ministry said. As a result, Lavrov, US Secretary of State John …

Iran and mediators go for comprehensive agreement

Iran and the Group of Six (five permanent members of the UNSC and Germany) have confirmed readiness to reach a comprehensive nuclear deal at the round of talks in Vienna, TASS reports. The final round started in Vienna, attended …

EU chief diplomat praises pace of Iranian nuclear talks

EU Chief Diplomat Federica Mogherini has praised the Iranian nuclear negotiation process between Chief Diplomats Mohammad Javad Zarif (Iran), Philip Hammond (UK), Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Germany) and Laurent Fabius (France) in Luxembourg, RIA …