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Kazakhstan counts country's population

According to the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan, the country’s population as of January 1, 2020, amounted to 18.632,200 mln people. The urban population of the country amounted to 10. …

Unemployment fell to 11-year low in France

French unemployment fell unexpectedly at the end of last year to an 11-year low, official data showed today. The unemployment rate fell to 8.1% in the final three months of last year from 8.5% in the third quarter, which was …

Russia supplies record amount of oil to U.S.

According to the Energy Information Administration's January-November 2019 report, Russia increased its oil supplies to the United States to record levels last year, despite difficult political relations and economic sanctions. …

Global debt hits new record

Total worldwide debt sat close to a record $253 trillion by the end of 2019, the Institute of International Finance estimated. This represented an increase from $250.9 trillion at the end of the second quarter of 2019. …

Investments in Georgia decreased by 17%

According to the data published by the National Statistics Service, from January to September, the volume of investments in Georgia amounted to $ 908.9 mln, which is 17% less than last year. At the same time, Turkey, Great Britain, USA, …

Azerbaijan sharply increases spending on higher education

According to the draft state and consolidated budgets of Azerbaijan for 2020, in the current academic year, spendings on the education of students of certain specialties will be increased by up to 30% by state order. In general, in …

Georgia lost 10% of tourist income in August

The National Bank of Georgia reported that the country's tourist income in August this year amounted to $ 396.1 mln or 10.6% less than a year before. According to the regulator’s report, in August 2018, Georgia’s tourism …

Kakha Kaladze becomes most popular politician in Georgia

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze has become Georgia’s most popular politician, according to a study conducted by the National Democratic Institute (NDI). The opinion poll was conducted on July 13-29. More than 2.1 thousand respondents were …

Inflation decreases in Iran

Despite the imposed US sanctions, inflation in Iran decreased by 6.4% in the 5th month of the current year on the Solar Hijri calendar (starting March 21, 2019) compared to the previous month, the Iranian Statistical Center reports. …