Russian MP offers to cut transport tax 25%

Russia's State Duma deputy Vasily Vlasov offered to cut the transport tax by 25% in 2020 for the Russians who live in the provinces where an alert regime was introduced due to the coronavirus. "I am asking you to assess …

U.S.: Oleg Tinkov may face up to 6 years in prison

The U.S. Department of Justice said that Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov has been charged with filing false tax returns. If convicted, Tinkov faces a maximum of 6 years in prison and monetary penalties on two …

Gazprom Armenia counter-attacks Pashinyan team

The accusations of Armenia's State Revenue Committee of tax evasion have threatened Gazprom Armenia’s planned signing of an important agreement with a Russian bank, CEO of Gazprom Armenia national gas distribution company Hrant …

Self-employed persons legalized in Russia

Self-employed citizens switching to the experimental tax regime will be exempt from paying personal income tax and value added tax (VAT), except for the situation when goods are imported into Russia, according to the set of laws on the …

Pashinyan promises to introduce tax on oligarchs

Armenia's acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced 'significant' changes in the budgetary policy of the government, saying his government’s budgetary and economic policies will be to encourage labor …

Almaty to reduce amount of harmful industries

According to the new general development plan of Almaty, all enterprises that damage the environment and present the danger of anthropogenic catastrophe will be moved beyond the city borders and the empty giant production plants of the Soviet …