terrorist attacks in Brussels

The surprising reality of the ISIS threat

It's a common misperception to think that carnage on the streets of London, Istanbul, Brussels, Paris and Barcelona represents the death throes of a medieval enterprise which is crumbling in Syria and Iraq

Aeroflot resumes flights to capital of Belgium

Russia's national airline company Aeroflot is resuming flights between Moscow and Brussels starting from April 7th of this year the company's press release says. "According to the preliminary schedule of the resumption of …

Belgium asks US to help investigate Brussels attacks

Belgium has asked the US for further assistance in the investigation of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Federal Bureau of Investigation began its own inquiry, as soon as it emerged that …

Pope Francis condemns attacks in Brussels

Pope Francis commented on the series of terrorist attacks in Europe in his Easter sermon. "Let's not let fear and darkness capture our hearts," he urged. Also in his message the head of the …

Belgium decides to carry out airstrikes against Daesh

Belgium has confirmed plans to carry out airstrikes against Daesh as part of the US-led coalition after the Brussels attacks, the country's prime minister said. Recall, yesterday morning two terrorist attacks were committed in the …