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Three soldiers killed in helicopter crash in New York

Three soldiers were killed Wednesday in a helicopter crash south of Rochester, New York, during a training mission, state military officials said. The soldiers were in a New York Army National Guard UH-60 medical evacuation helicopter …

Russia and U.S. top brass hold phone conversation

Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley held a phone conversation with Russia’s Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov on Monday, Joint Staff Spokesperson Col. Dave Butler said in a statement. "Milley spoke …

Trump reveals details about hypersonic missiles

President Donald Trump revealed new details about a mystery missile during an address at West Point Saturday, appearing to offer new insight into a high-speed weapon he previously called the "super duper missile", Business Insider …

US-led coalition leaves al Taqaddum air base in Iraq

The international coalition forces, tasked with fighting the Islamic State (banned in Russia) militant group, on Saturday handed over their position in al-Habbaniyah air base in the western province of Anbar to the Iraqi security forces, Xinhua …

U.S. modernizes nuclear triad

The United States should maintain the nuclear triad's viability and modernize it as an effective deterrent against Russia's upgraded weapon, deputy undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment Alan …

U.S. troops withdrawing from Iraq

The United States has started withdrawal of its troops from Iraq, Al Arabiya TV reported citing Iraqi parliament member Ali al-Ghanimi. He said that U.S. troops are beginning to leave 15 military bases in Iraq. In …

U.S. halts secretive drone program with Turkey - media

The United States has halted a secretive military intelligence cooperation program with Turkey that for years helped Ankara target Kurdish PKK militants, Reuters reported citing four U.S. officials. The U.S. military had carried out the …

U.S. drops record number of bombs in Afghanistan

The U.S. forces stationed in Afghanistan dropped a record number of bombs in 2019, according to a recent data by the U.S. air forces. The U.S. military conducted 2,434 airstrikes in the war-hit country to drop 7,423 bombs, marking …