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Trump loses trade war, wants Biden to pay for it

The Trump administration continued its mischief-making as the president slinks out the back door by blacklisting China's Xiaomi, a global competitor to Apple, known for its sleek mobile phones and smart home devices, CGTN writes in the article Trump loses trade war, wants Biden to pay for it. Xiaomi surpassed Apple in global mobile phone sales in the third quarter, making it a tempting target for trade vandalism. The blacklisting of Xiaomi and eight other companies, ostensibly due to their ties with China's military, is another effort to force the incoming Biden administration into decoupling the Chinese and American economies

Wang Yi charms Europe

The Foreign Minister is keen to keep Europe from mirroring Washington’s hardened China stance

U.S.-China trade war to be over soon?

China and the United States have agreed to lift tariffs on each other’s goods in phases, Bloomberg reported citing Chinese commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng. According to The Wall Street Journal, the stage-one …