Saudi Arabia pours money into domestic arms industry

One of the world's largest weapons importers, Riyadh wants at least half of its arms purchases to be from local sources by the end of the decade. Saudi Arabia plans to hugely expand its modest arms industry over the next decade, but doing so amid low oil prices and a pandemic-battered economy could prove challenging for the kingdom

AI vs man: US claims to develop new secret weapon

The Army calls them “soldier touch points,” instances where new autonomous systems, weapons and AI-enabled technologies are placed in tactical scenarios alongside humans to optimize war performance, US defence expert Kris …

Russia's nuclear weapons terrify NATO - media

Russia's largest tactical nuclear weapons stockpile in the world should terrify NATO, national security reporter for the National Interest Mark Episkopos writes. The composition of Russia’s military has changed …

Global military spending hit record levels in 2020

Global military spending, driven in part by Chinese naval expansion, reached record levels in 2020 despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic contraction, a British think-tank said. The International Institute …

IDEX 2021: what weapons Azerbaijan put in display

Azerbaijan sent last week a delegation from the country's Ministry of Defense Industry to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for IDEX-2021 where it is showcasing locally-made arms at the annual international defense exhibition. A total of 106 Azerbaijani-made arms are on display in Abu Dhabi, including various types of small arms and short-range combat vehicles, mortars, rifles, grenades, unmanned aerial vehicles, ammunition of various calibers and purposes over the next four days, Caspian News writes

Will Russia replace the legendary Iskander missile?

The 9K720 Iskander mobile short-range ballistic missile system was developed during the final years of the Cold War, but it wasn’t tested until 1996 and only entered service in 2006. But now the platform, which was designed to evade missile defenses, could be on the way out by the end of the decade, The National Interest writes in the article Will Russia Replace the Legendary Iskander Missile?