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Unexploded shells found in Azerbaijan's Fizuli district

Unexploded shells were discovered in the village of Horadiz and the village of Kyurd Mahmudlu of the Fizuli district yesterday, the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) said. One 100 mm artillery shell and one 125 …

 Chechen man planning attack detained on Syrian border

Chechen man suspected of planning an attack was detained on the Turkish-Syrian border, the Turkish General Staff said. "Eighteen people, including 10 men, four women and four children were detained on April 4 during an attempt to …

 Russia's Kalashnikov to create 1700 jobs in 2017

Russia’s famed small arms maker Kalashnikov Concern will increase its staff by at least 30% by creating 1700 new jobs in 2017 amid the surge in export orders, the company's press service said. "The Kalashnikov …

Rosgvardiya to receive underwater weapons in a year

Russian army and Rosgvardiya will receive underwater next year, manufacturer of weapons informed. "We have already signed contracts, Defense Ministry, Federal Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Rosgvardiya ordered …

Russia developing hypersonic weapons

Russian specialists working on development of hypersonic weapons may get first results as early as the beginning of the next decade, the general director of the Tactical Missile Systems Corporation, Boris …

Residents of Georgia surrender weapons

Residents of Georgia are continuing to voluntarily surrender firearms and explosives to the police. Thus, 25 people from the Samtskhe-Javakheti region voluntarily surrendered 4804 ball cartridges, 400 grams of TNT, 2 electric detonators, 42 grenades, 4 ...

Syria starts to use new types of weapons

According to Reuters, the Syrian military has recently started using new types of air and ground weapons supplied by Russia. A Syrian military source said the weapons are highly accurate, effective and hit targets precisely ...