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Almost minus 35C frosts registered in Moscow region

The air temperature in Klin, 85 kilometers northwest of Moscow, went down to minus 35.9 degrees Celsius (-32.6F) night to Sunday, the national weather service said, TASS reports. "It is the lowest temperature in the Moscow region …

Thundershowers and wind expected in Sochi

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in Sochi tomorrow. Gusts may reach 17 m / s, the management of civil defense of the resort’s City Hall reports. "Due to the adverse weather …

 Storm heads towards Kerch ferry

The Kerch ferry service is operating normally, despite a storm warning, the Marine Directorate said. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, southeasterly winds are due to reach speeds of up to 12-17m/s with gusts of up to …

Disaster threatens Moscow

Bad weather has forced the Hydrometeorological Center in Moscow to announce an 'amber' threat level. This is the penultimate level in the system adopted in Russia that means the probability of natural disasters and damage in ...

Snowfall expected in Moscow

EMERCOM warned residents and guests of the capital today about heavy snowfall and gusty winds and ice-covered ground, which may lead to injuries among pedestrians, as well as traffic accidents, Interfax …

 Iran expects water crisis

The groundwater levels in Tehran fell by 1.5 m in the last year, the deputy chief  of the DOE control water sewer in the Tehran province of Iran, Alireza Nozaripur said, the Iranian news agency Mehr reports. …

Heat in Iran hits world record

The air temperature in the Iranian city of Bandar-Mahshahr on the Persian Gulf reached 74 degrees in the shade during the day, reports. The rivers in the region dried out, asphalt and plastic road signs are melting. …