women in the East

Taliban say women won't be allowed to play sport

Afghan women, including the country’s women’s cricket team, will be banned from playing sport under the new Taliban government, according to an official in the group. In an interview with the Australian broadcaster …

Iran’s President Urges Cabinet to Curb 'Honor Killings'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on his cabinet Wednesday to quickly adopt laws aimed at curbing so-called honor killings after a father was arrested this week for allegedly murdering his 13- or 14-year-old daughter, Voice of America …

Iranian women attend first football match in 40 years

Iranian women watched the country’s national football team for the first time in 40 years, celebrating their long-awaited access to the national stadium. About 3,500 women have attended the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification …

Saudi women invited to join army

Saudi women can now climb through the ranks of the armed forces, the Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense has announced. While women have been able to join the armed forces in Saudi Arabia, this is the first time they can be considered …

Saudi Arabia eases travel restrictions on women

Saudi Arabia has begun allowing adult women to travel without permission and to exercise more control over family matters. The regulatory changes stipulated that a Saudi passport should be issued to any citizen who applies for it and …