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Three hotels evacuated in Bodrum amid forest fires

Due to the fire in the resort town of Bodrum, three five-star hotels have been evacuated. DHA news agency reports that a fire started in the Icmeler quarter. The wind caused the fire to approach the residential area. The evacuation was …

Erdogan suspects arsons in Turkey’s forests

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not rule out that fires in the south of the country were caused by arsons. "We are thoroughly investigating the causes of the fires. If there are traitors who are capable of burning their …

Erdoğan declares forest fire regions disaster areas

A number of fires have been raging in the south of Turkey for the last couple of days, and on Saturday President Erdoğan declared the regions affected by the wildfires in Antalya, Muğla, Mersin, Adana and Osmaniye as “Disaster Areas …

Azerbaijan to send help to extinguish wildfires in Turkey

Personnel of 500 people of the Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES), as well as helicopters, the necessary equipment and accessories for extinguishing the ongoing wildfires, will be sent to fraternal Turkey in the shortest …

Russia helping Turkey in fight against forest fires

Russia’s Beriev Be-200 aircraft, designed for firefighting, for the second day have been engaged in efforts to combat a major forest fire in Turkey’s Antalya province. "Three Russian Be-200 firefighting aircraft …

Forest fires rage near Turkish resorts, killing three

Three people were reported dead Thursday and more than 100 injured as thousands of firefighters battled huge blazes spreading across the Mediterranean resort regions of Turkey's southern coast, France 24 reports.  Officials …