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Turkey reports 61,400 new coronavirus cases

Turkey Thursday reported 61,400 more COVID-19 cases, including 2,845 symptomatic patients, according to the Turkish Health Ministry data. Turkey’s overall case tally is now over 4 million, while the nationwide death toll reached …

Turkish Airlines suspends Russia flights

Starting on April 15, Turkish flag carrier Turkish Airlines has suspended flights service to Russia, mirroring a decision by Moscow. The restriction on flights to Russia will remain in force until June 1, …

U.S. cancels warships deployment to Black Sea

The United States has cancelled the planned deployment of two warships through the Turkish Straits toward the Black Sea, Turkish diplomatic sources said Wednesday. On April 9, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry received a formal notice …

Turkey's daily COVID-19 cases hit new peak

Turkey reported over 59,000 more coronavirus cases on Tuesday, its highest single-day figure since the start of the pandemic. A total of 59,187 cases, including 2,723 symptomatic patients, were confirmed across the country, …

Istanbul to host Afghan peace meet on April 24-May 4

Turkey announced that the international conference on the Afghan peace process will be held in Istanbul from April 24 to May 4. The high-level and inclusive conference between representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban is …

Turkey declares partial lockdown during Ramadan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that a two-week partial lockdown will be imposed to help curb a recent rise in coronavirus cases. Speaking to reporters following a cabinet meeting, Erdogan said the new …

Turkey reports more than 54,500 new COVID-19 cases

Turkey's daily count of coronavirus cases reached over 54,500 on Monday, said the Health Ministry.  A total of 54,562 cases, including 2,671 symptomatic patients, were confirmed across the country, the data showed. …

Turkey reports over 50,000 new COVID-19 cases

Turkey's daily count of COVID-19 cases reached over 50,000 on Sunday, the Turkish Health Ministry said. A total of 50,678 cases, including 2,548 symptomatic patients, were confirmed across the country, the data showed. …

Turkey suspends Italian helicopter contracts

The Turkish government has suspended contracts from Italian companies based in Turkey in response to the comments made by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi at a press conference Friday regarding the so-called ‘sofa-gate’ affair …