EUobserver: "Europe is trying to prevent further rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow"

European experts and politicians came to the conclusion that further actions against Russia would be very painful, especially for Europe. EU leaders are unable to reach a unanimous verdict on the issue, because they understand that further prolongation of tension with Russia is leading to a worsening of the economic problems in the EU. In addition, there is a real threat of an energy crisis, escaping which is still impossible without Moscow.


Even despite the fact that some European politicians fully support the idea of ​​additional sanctions against Russia, the prudent majority still sees in the future harmonious relations with their powerful neighbor, not a protracted conflict of interest. Whatever happens at the summit next week, the EU will have to decide which foreign policy it is going to choose - partnership or confrontation?


The EU Observer published an article titled "Why is Turkey critical to solving gas dilemma in Europe?" The strategic objectives of Europe are quite obvious, but the ways of achieving them are ambiguous. While continuing to block Russia in the energy issue, the EU is increasingly leaning towards Turkey as a possible partner. In addition, the European community has the goal of preventing further rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow, because their union may adversely affect the policies of Europe.


Trying to diversify energy sources with the help of Turkey could be very successful, as Turkey itself has still not abandoned hope of becoming part of the European Community, in spite of all the ambiguous statements by European politicians on the impossibility of this political step.


But do not forget that Russia and Turkey are already energy partners, so Europe will be very difficult to "pull the blanket" over. Of course, another option is to cooperate with Iran, but everything depends on whether Obama will be able to overcome the US's differences with the country, so sanctions against Iran can be cancelled and the republic able to become a full member of the world community.


As for Ukraine, the European Union cannot yet determine its foreign policy. Sanctions against Russia and fanning the situation cannot contribute to the promotion of this issue.


Bloomberg Business today announces that if the United States is still interested in arms deliveries to Ukraine, it would mean a victory for Russia. The fact is that supplying weapons will lead to a breach of the Minsk Agreement, and in turn, Moscow will have every right to claim that it was able to fulfil all the requirements of the agreements.


Despite the constant accusations and attempts to aggravate the conflict, as well as mutual misunderstandings inside the States, the country now has the opportunity to stop the escalation of tensions. This would be a necessary step also due to the fact that the foreign policy of America continues to suffer against the background of nuclear talks on Iran, and in connection with the situation in the country.


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