The Guardian: "Netanyahu might be defeated in the next elections in Israel"

The Guardian: "Netanyahu might be defeated in the next elections in Israel"

"European officials criticize Republican letter to Iran," the Washington Post reports. The article quotes German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeir as saying during his visit to Washington: "Suddenly, Iran can say to us: ‘Are your proposals actually trustworthy if 47 senators say that no matter what the government agrees to, we can subsequently take it off the table?’” At the same time, "Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, took aim at Washington, saying that political divisions in the United States made Iranian negotiators question the Obama administration’s ability to follow through with any agreement." Republican Ted Cruz in his turn said that "U.S. and European capitulation to Iran was reminiscent of Western appeasement of Adolf Hitler." 

An article headlined "Poles Steel for Battle, Fearing Russia Will March on Them Next" appeared today in the New York Times. " For evidence of how much President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has jangled nerves and provoked anxiety across Eastern Europe, look no farther than the drill held the other day by the Shooters Association. The paramilitary group, like more than 100 others in Poland, has experienced a sharp spike in membership since Mr. Putin’s forces began meddling in neighboring Ukraine last year," the article reads. Commenting on the state of anxiety in Poland, the article reads "worries are increasing in Poland, but they have not yet reached the level of mass fear." 


The Guardian also published an article entitled "The Observer view on Israel." The article characterizes the current prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, as having a "hawkish stance and uncompromising rhetoric which have so alarmed and alienated many of Israel’s friends in the US that a senior White House official characterized his behaviour as “destructive” of the wider bilateral relationship." According to the article, Netanyahu might lose in the coming Israeli elections, not because of his rhetoric, but because of his stance on the Israeli economy: "when it comes to deciding how to vote, it’s the economy, stupid. The prime minister has tried hard to make the election about national security, but opinion polls suggest that, for most voters, the contest is primarily about social issues, which more than half those polled rated above worries about Israel’s safety."


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