Breitberg: "If Greece leaves the EU it will be followed by others"

The independent US publication Breiteberg writes today about the plans of the European Union regarding Greece. If Greece does not find a way out of the financial crisis that it's in within the next month, then the country will have to declare bankruptcy. In addition, such a decision regarding Greece is being pushed by other eurozone members, who are dissatisfied with the convergence of Athens and Moscow.Countries such as Finland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are not willing to allocate money to Greek prime minister Tsipras, calling for a policy of so-called hard economics, opposed by a number of other EU countries, including Spain. It will have a very strong impact on the European Community if one of the countries becomes bankrupt. This would undermine the stability of the euro, which is already shaken against the background of the stable policy of the European Community.

At the same time, EU officials are concerned that Greece is actively cooperating with Russia, and help may  come from a state which is not an ally of Europe. The fact is that if Greece finally  chooses in favor of Russia and leaves a the EU, then it will be followed by a number of other EU countries, and as such the eurozone would cease to exist. Meanwhile, for Russia there would be one more strategic and economic partner.


Today's edition of CNN reports that the US is ready for war with Iran. The US Secretary of Defense said that any deal with Iran would mean inspection of Iranian nuclear facilities. However, the Supreme Leader of Iran strongly condemns this initiative and considers it an interference in the internal politics of the country.


Meanwhile, Obama is in a desperate struggle with Congress and with his own party, as well as with the government of Israel for the peace talks with Iran. However, the president's opponents not only do not support his initiative, but also are in favor of military intervention as a preventive measure against possible aggression of Tehran.


In addition, the recent concern of Western countries is also about possible cooperation of Iran and North Korea, another country with which the United States has very strained political relations. Many Western analysts agree that the agreement on Iran's nuclear program will not in fact change anything in the international relations of the countries participating in the negotiations. But there is still a chance that the Western countries have enough discretion not to start another armed conflict.


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