Armenia takes on “thieves in law”

A new law makes it illegal to belong to a “criminal subculture” even if no specific crime has been committed. The legislation follows examples set in Georgia and Russia.

Resolution of Karabakh problem - Pashinyan style

Last Saturday, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan presented 100 facts about “New Armenia” at the press conference in Kapan. He reported about the increase in tax revenues to the state budget and highlighted good rates of …

Poland’s disgraceful denial over Holocaust commemoration

There was good reason why Polish President Andrzej Duda was prevented from addressing the Holocaust memorial event in Israel this week. The organizers anticipated he would use the event to make ugly and foolish accusations against Russia for …

The hottest energy conflict right now

Belarus has just bought two cargoes of Johan Sverdrup, the recently commissioned Norwegian oilfield and is in talks with several oil-producing countries from the Soviet Union to ramp up crude imports in the upcoming weeks. As Oil Price …