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Iran-P5+1 commission confirms commitment to nuclear deal

The participants in the meeting of the Joint Commission of Iran and the P5+1 (five UN Security Council permanent members plus Germany) held in Vienna on December 13 have reiterated their commitment to the agreement on Tehran’s nuclear …

Russia to enhance bilateral relations with Iran

Russia and Iran intend to enhance bilateral relations. With this purpose, a working group has been formed, which is scheduled to hold meetings every two months. The chairman of the Iran-Russia Friendship Group in Iranian Parliament, …

Syria to be strengthened by Russian Aerospace Forces

Syria can buy Russia's military aircraft and helicopters to create its own full-fledged group, after its economy will be restored after the war, the former commander of Russia's Aerospace Force and Chairman of the Federation Council …

Russian gas returns to Europe

Gas transit through the Baumgarten hub in Austria has been restored, the director of the Gas Connect Austria operator, Harald Stindl, said. "I can report that yesterday we managed to restore all the transit …

 Mutko: Russia unwilling to accept IOC sanctions

Russia cannot accept sanctions that Disciplinary Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), chaired by Denis Oswald, imposed on the Russian participants in the Sochi Olympics, the country's Deputy Prime Minister …

Erdogan's Syrian week

Turkey’s strategy may also be the least rotten option when it comes to averting full-scale conflict