Syria: the mission has changed

Syria: the mission has changed


By Vestnik Kavkaza

This week leaders of the Syrian opposition National Coalition held negotiations with the head of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, and presented him with instances of government deeds against the population of Syria. Now the opposition expects a more adequate position on the humanitarian situation in Syria from Russia.


In January Russian MPs visited Syria as part of a humanitarian mission, but its format was changed during the visit. Sergey Gavrilov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Property Issues, explained that the delegation was formed as an unofficial public mission for protection of Christian values. “We wanted to find out how many problems are facing our fellow Christians and define the mechanisms to provide them worldwide support. However, during the visit, due to the huge interest from Syria and the exceptionally friendly attitude of the Syrian people to Russia, the format has changed inevitably. The issues we discussed were not limited to humanitarian, it was a wide range of issues, including the political settlement in Syria, anti-terrorism issues and economic cooperation… We met the world leaders of the Islamic community, the Mufti of Syria, and the heads of the leading Islamic universities and Islamic theologians,” Gavrilov stated.


The situation in Syria made MPs step beyond their humanitarian mission. “Over 84 countries (like Singapore, India, Somalia, etc.) have sent militants there, so there are over 100,000 hired soldiers fighting there – it is a pure intervention,” Alexander Yuschenko, a member of the State Duma Committee on Energy, stated. “Those are the same people who once prayed for and financed the collapse of the Soviet Union and withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. So now they have concentrated all their efforts on the destruction of Syria, which is the only country in the Middle East where the representatives of all religions live in friendship, concord and mutual understanding. The Syrian people united all their forces in resistance to the interventions, for them it is a patriotic war. On the streets we saw many posters with the picture of the President, many flags.”


“So in Syria, apart from the “hot war”, there is a powerful information terror. Western TV does not show us the real situation in Syria. There is speculation and absolute distortion of the facts. So after returning from Syria and having witnessed it all, our task is to share as much as possible what we have seen in Syria,” the MP believes.




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