“There is a lack of experts who know the region”

“There is a lack of experts who know the region”

By Vestnik Kavkaza

Last week a group of journalists from the South Caucasus republics visited Moscow. They met their colleagues from Vestnik Kavkaza, and its editor-in-chief spoke to each of the guests. Today we present an interview with journalist Vugar Hasanov from the online mass media “Vesti.az.”

-    Vesti.az is one of online media which is developing fast. What can you say about online mass media working in the sphere of politics and security in the Russian-speaking sector of Azerbaijani Internet? Is there a significant amount of experts?

-    Unfortunately, our mass media leaves a lot to be desired. There is a certain lack of Azerbaijani experts who know the region and its problems. In most cases we address to Russian experts. We also address to experts from the USA, but rarely. I think we should develop joint educational projects, for instance Russian-Azerbaijani projects. It would be nice to found new departments in universities, which would prepare experts in this sphere, who could comment on the situation in the region. Readers are bored with reading the same Russian authors all the time. We can feel it.

-    Does Azerbaijan have such a profession as political science?

-    We have Political Science Department, but I don’t know whether its graduators can be called political scientists. This profession covers a wide spectrum of various spheres. Unfortunately, in most cases they give similar comments, which is borig.

-    There is an idea of an Internet portal, like a social network, where young professionals, journalists from Russia, the South Caucasus states, and probably Kazakhstan could exchange experience. What do you think about it?

-    To be honest, I have already established a certain circle on my page in Facebook. I have determined by sphere of interests, including Russian and foreign experts. I wish such a group was founded. It would be easy and available for our journalists from the South Caucasus. Views of Russian experts who know our region well are important for us.

-    In fact Russian experts need the communication as well, because it is information exchange and getting news from first hands. However, there are many laymen in political journalism. What can be done to improve the quality of materials?

-    Workshops with participation of Russian experts, prominent Russian journalists should be held. I make mistakes too; I can think in a wrong way. Unfortunately, we have few workshops, we invite few well-known Russian political scientists to Baku, who could give us recommendations. I wish there were more such trainings.