Eduard Shevardnadze: Georgia remembers Ronald Reagan

Eduard Shevardnadze: Georgia remembers Ronald Reagan

Recently, the US and the whole world celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan. In Georgia, the 40th president of America has always been respected and even admired.

Reagan played a significant role in the history of XXth century. He had ordinary personal skills and little political experience. However, his example proves the idea that a person can play crucial role in
history if he or she is managed to be the head of historic forces.

The former president of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze, talked to VK about Reagan.

- What do you remember about Ronald Reagan?

- You know, before my first meeting with his I was told that Reagan hated the USSR and called it "empire of evil." When we met he didn't deny the fact that he thinks we were representatives of the
empire of evil. At the second meeting he laughed a lot and told funny stories. I asked him if he thought I was a representative of the empire of evil still. He said "No!"

- We all remember the historical meeting of Reagan and Gorbachev in 1986. The negotiations were called failed. You were a member of the Soviet delegation. Did the situation fail in reality?

- I remember this summit very well. It's true, they didn't agree about anything. However, I think that the meeting was an intellectual breakthrough in relations of the US and the USSR.

- How do you think is Reagan's experience up-to-date, considering relations between Moscow and Washington?

- Times are different, as well as problems. I met with Reagan for 7 times. He was an interesting man who lived in proper times. An actor became a president.

- What was the key issue which Moscow and Washington managed to settle?

- Of course, the reunification of Germany. More specific questions were solved by foreign ministers.

- Thank you, Mr. Shevardnadze. We wish you good health...

- I am well!

- ... and 100 years to live.

- 100 years is not enough.


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