Turkmenistan starts gas extraction on Caspian

Turkmenistan starts gas extraction on Caspian

Turkmenistan has started extracting gas on the Caspian shelf, Trend reports.

A gas refinery and a gas terminal opened in Kyyanly village. Petronas
(Malaysia) is a partner of Turkmenistan in gas extraction.

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that gas extraction
in the Caspian Sea will benefit the national economy and improve
energy security.

The Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea has over half of the sea's oil
reserves and a quarter of its gas reserves.

Petronas helped develop the Block-1 of the Turkmen sector of the
Caspian Sea. Turkmenistan and Petronas signed a contract for
development of the block in July 1996.

The company prepared Makhtumkuli, Ovez, Mashrykov, Diyarbekir and
Garagol Deni fields for extraction. They hold about 75 million tons of
oil and condensate and 245 billion cubic meters of gas.

Over $4.5 billion has been invested.

Petronas started oil extraction at Diyarbekir in 2006.

New deals were signed to construct a gas refinery and gas terminal in
March 2007.

The facilities were founded in June 2007.

The project continued development with launching of the Magtymkuly-A
platform, connected with a 73-kilometer gas pipeline.

The gas facilities in Kiyanly will export up to 5 billion cubic meters
of gas annually, the indicator will be doubled in the future.

Petronas plans to extract 2.4 million tons of gas condensate annually
at the first stage and 4 million tons in the future.


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