Armenia left without Russian gas supplies due to road works around Tbilisi

22 September 2011 - 11:36am

Reconstruction of the road around Tbilisi resulted in a temporary gas cut for Armenia. Georgia informed ArmRosgazprom about construction from 11.00 am on September 22, reports.

Armenia will use own reserves of gas. Georgia plans to connect a new section of the Saguramo-Krasny Most gas pipeline with a diameter of 1000 mm.

Georgia also plans to rehabilitate the landslide area and stop gas leakage.

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The Georgian Military Road is the only ground connection between Russia and Armenia. The 200-km road connects Vladikavkaz and Tbilisi, running along the rivers of the Greater Caucasus, including the Darial Gorge. The road is often hit by avalanches and blocked for days or weeks in winter and mudslides in the summer.
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