New border-crossing office opened in Sochi

16 March 2012 - 4:24pm

A new vehicle border-crossing complex called Adler has been opened in Sochi on the Russian-Abkhaz border, RIA Novosti cites Natalya Stredinina, press speaker of the Black Sea-Azov Border Directorate of the FSB Coastal Guards of Russia, as saying.
The new terminal has advanced equipment. It will reduce intensive traffic on the old car bridge, which has had major traffic jams in the last 5-6 years, especially during the summer.
Every transport vehicle, whether it is a bus, car or truck, has a special territory to pass all control procedures, such as passport control. There are 26 control seats. Thus, capacity has increased six-fold, Stredinina explains.
She clarified that there are no changes for pedestrians. Launch of the new terminal will be organized along the old bridge over the River Psou with 28 passport control seats.
The Adler control post on the Russian-Abkhaz border has about 12,000 people and 2,000 vehicles passing daily. 

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