Azerbaijan adopts state monopoly on artificial insemination

11 December 2012 - 1:02pm


Private artificial insemination will soon be banned in Azerbaijan and will only be available for a specific range of people.

Gulmirza Poladov, head of section of the medical aid organization of the Azerbaijani Healthcare Ministry, said that private clinics were unable to provide the necessary level of support for pregnant women inseminated artificially.

Poladov explained that artificial insemination had a higher risk of miscarriage. Early-born children were prone to defects. Private center cannot give full care to such children.


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Aug 20 2014 - 20:40
One of the main topics of Azerbaijani media in the past week was the trilateral meeting of defense ministers of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey - Zakir Hasanov, Irakly Alasania and Ismet Yilmaz, where the sides discussed issues of regional security, as well as the possibility of creating a new military alliance. According to the newspaper "Echo", the sides have agreed to hold joint military exercises. The sides exchanged views on military-political and security situation in the region, APA reports. News Azerbbaijan wrote that it is possible Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia might create a military alliance in the reports that due to Nagorno-Karabakh crisis, the situation in South Caucasus will get worse. Drawing attention to relations between Turkey and Georgia, the author reminds us that the beginning of the establishment of a formal military cooperation between the two countries took place at the signing of the Agreement on cooperation in the military sphere in Ankara on April 4m 1996. An increase in the supply of agricultural products from Azerbaijan to Russia was also in the center of Azerbaijani newspapers, as well as possible pressure that EU might put on Azerbaijan in this regard. "It is expected that the EU will encourage members of the Eastern Partnership not to increase trade relations with Russia," quotes an expert on the subject, Vugar Bayramov. The meeting between the Armenian, Azerbaijani and Russian presidents was also one of the focuses of the media. According to the deputy, the result of a tripartite meeting was that the tension on the contact line of troops decreased. "In fact, the result has been achieved, tensions have been significantly reduced, and foreign ministers are preparing for a new meeting," one of the newspapers quotes an Azerbaijani deputy, Rasim Musabekov. 
Aug 20 2014 - 08:25
The Heydar Aliyev Fund said that the Facebook account with a message to the military did not belong Vice President of the Fund Leyla Aliyeva, the account was called fake, Trend reports.
Aug 19 2014 - 13:16
Elchin Guliyev, the head of the Azerbaijani State Border Service, said that the Azerbaijani border had advanced infrastructure, it was enforced by many garrisons, border posts and engineering systems. A special plan for development of border protection in highland areas in 2014-2024 whad been developed, reports.By order of President Ilham Aliyev, coastguards organized monitoring points along the coastline and improved their equipment. Motorboats are equipped with special navigation and rescue systems to keep the state border on the Caspian Sea safe.
Aug 19 2014 - 13:13
Defense Ministers Zakir Gasanov (Azerbaijan), Ismet Yilmaz (Turkey) and Irakly Alasania (Georgia) have met in Nakhchivan and agreed to hold joint drills, Trend reports.The sides reached an agreement to meet in a trilateral format twice a year, organize joint seminars and conferences, form a trilateral format in military education and cooperation. They exchanged opinions on security and stability in the region and military-political developments.
Aug 18 2014 - 19:10
Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and a daughter of the Azerbaijani president, Leyla Aliyeva, has addressed Azerbaijani soldiers and officers serving on the country's borders on her Facebook page.
Aug 18 2014 - 15:24
Defense Ministers Irakly Alasania (Georgia), Ismet Yilmaz (Turkey) and Zakir Gasanov (Azerbaijan) are meeting in Nakhchivan today. They will discuss protection of infrastructure communications, railways, strategic pipelines. Military expert Uzeir Jafarov told Vestnik Kavkaza said that the trilateral format was formed to protect energy resources, strategic, economic, political and military interests. The expert believes that the three states may form a military structure and invite other countries to join it.