Putin to discuss nuclear program in Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Iran on August 12. Vladimir Sajin, a senior scientist of the Institute for Oriental Studies of the RAS, said that Iran had influence on the Israeli-Palestinian problem, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Iraq, Afghanistan, Caucasus, Gulf, Syria. One of the main topics for discussion will be the Iranian nuclear program.

Sajin reminded that the UNSC, US and EU had active sanctions against Iran. They caused economic repercussions for the republic. Economic and political issues will be the main problems for Putin to discuss.

The expert noted the problem of the Caspian Sea. Putin will arrive in Iran’s Port Enzeli on a ship. Russia and Iran had common views on the Syrian issue, he added. Hassan Rouhani will not form a government by August 12, so signing of any agreements would be unlikely. Putin may become the first state leader to meet the new Iranian president, excluding the ones visiting his inauguration on August 3-5. Sajin expects Rouhani to change the foreign policy of Iran.

Yevgeny Satanovsky, President of the Near East Institute, agreed with Sajin. He added that Russia has the best ties with Iran, compared with other negotiators of the group of six mediators. Russia plans military shipments and will discuss the lawsuit worth $4 billion filed by Iran against Russia.

Regarding the Caspian problem, Satanovsky expects no breakthroughs, because Iran plans to increase its part of the sea from 11.5% to 20%. The expert doubts that Putin would make concessions of oil and gas for Iran.