US to sign treaty with Iran only with guarantees of peaceful nuclear program

4 March 2014 - 8:44am

US Secretary of State John Kerry said at the annual conference of the US-Israeli committee for public relations yesterday that the US will only sign a treaty with Iran if it gives guarantees that no nuclear weapons will be developed, ITAR-TASS reports.

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Mar 26 2015 - 20:24
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Tehran and the Group of Six will try to settle differences around the nuclear program in the next several days. In his words, the sides need to reach understanding in all aspects, RIA Novosti reports.
Mar 26 2015 - 19:54
Russian and Iranian Presidents Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani have discussed the situation in Yemen. Putin emphasized the importance of ceasefire and activation of efforts, including UN assistance, to settle the conflict in Yemen peacefully, RIA Novosti reports.
Mar 24 2015 - 19:14
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov may visit Lausanne on March 27 to attend discussions of the Iranian nuclear program. The next round of nuclear talks will start in Lausanne on March 26, TASS reports.
Mar 23 2015 - 21:58
IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano said in Washington today that experts of the Agency could not confirm the peaceful intentions of the Iranian nuclear program. He clarified that there were no violations of terms on nuclear materials, but the Agency was still unconvinced that the materials had peaceful purposes, RIA Novosti reports.