Iranian smugglers caught in Azerbaijan

Iranian smugglers caught in Azerbaijan


Servicemen of the Astara Coastal Guards of the Border Service destroyed a boat with smugglers refusing to stop. Three smugglers were then taken aboard, reports.

Lotfollakhi Kyomyarz Aramaz ogly (born in 1971), Khuruzi Rasul Ferzulla ogly (1961) and Imampur Kurus Zeydulla ogly (1971) from Iran were detained.

They attempted to open a smuggling route of alcohol drinks with Zareyni Rasul Navud ogly (1981) and an unidentified man named Nariman Samai using a boat with a Yamaha 200 motor.

They had large quantities of alcohol, GPS navigators and mobile phones. Zareyni was detained at a control post in Bilyasuvar.