Muftis urge authorities of Stavropol Territory to reject school uniforms

30 November 2012 - 3:21pm

Muslim leaders plan to send a letter to the Education Ministry to
permit girls to wear hijabs and long skirts, Interfax reports.
Rizak Rizakov, the father of a girl who was not allowed to go to
lessons or on the bus, said that the girl was a third grader and had
not been allowed to have lessons for two weeks. He filed a lawsuit
with the prosecutor.
The regional Education Ministry says that parents who do not want to
follow school rules should find a different form of education for
their children.
The problem of school uniforms in Stavropol Territory was first
reported in October 2012, when parents of a Muslim girl in Kara-Tyube
complained that she had been banned from lessons. Local authorities
proposed they wear neckpieces. Education Minister of the Stavropol

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