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Trump extends national emergency with respect to Iran

On November 14, the United States will continue for another year the national emergency with respect to Iran, according to U.S. President Donald Trump's statement. The president noted that the U.S. relations with Iran have …

U.S. bracing for space war with China - Bloomberg

The U.S. intelligence community is updating its assessment of space warfare capabilities of Russia and China. Air Force General John Hyten requested the National Intelligence Estimate before he left his prior command at …

Trump comments on Iran's uranium enrichment

Iran's uranium enrichment is a very bad step for Tehran-Washington relations, U.S. President Donald Trump said. Trump also urged Iran to turn over former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who …

Small contingent of U.S. forces to stay in Syria

Fewer than 1,000 US troops will stay in Syria, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said. "There will be less than a thousand for sure. And probably in the 500ish frame. Maybe six (hundred) but …