EU sends warning to UK, seeking 2.7 billion euros

The European Commission said it had sent Britain a second warning to recover 2.7 billion euros in customs duties it failed to collect on Chinese imports between 2011 and 2017. The move is the second step in the EU’s legal …

 UK may refuse paying EU Brexit divorce bill

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said he is “relaxed” about not having a trade deal with the European Union. He has also made it clear that if Brussels bureaucrats continue to to refuse to see reason he will …

Merkel welcomes Theresa May's Brexit proposals

German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed proposals on Britain’s exit from the European Union drawn up by Prime Minister Theresa May’s government. According to the Chancellor, the proposals …

Macron wants to oust English language from EU

French president Emmanuel Macron wants to make French grand again and replace English as the default language in EU institutions, the way it was before Britain joined the bloc in 1973.  With the U.K. negotiating to …

 US to continue cooperation with UK after Brexit

The leaders of the 27 countries remaining in the EU have formally signed off their negotiating guidelines for the next phrase of Brexit talks – paving the way for discussions about the bloc’s future relationship with Britain for the …

Donald Tusk: UK Brexit plans 'pure illusion'

The UK's approach to the next stage of Brexit negotiations seems to be based on "pure illusion", Donald Tusk says. The European Council president told a news conference in Brussels that the UK was still trying to …