World press on Russia's reaction to events in Ukraine (February 24, 2013)

"Kremlin Says Ukrainian Instability Threatens Russian Interests" is an article published today in the New York Times. 


"Russia’s prime minister, Dmitri A. Medvedev, questioned the legitimacy of the new government in Ukraine on Monday, signaling that the Kremlin could react strongly in response to the tumult there. He suggested that economic agreements could be renegotiated, and declared that instability in Ukraine was 'a real threat to our interests and to our citizens’ lives and health.' Russia’s leadership has made its anger over the popular uprising in Ukraine clear from the beginning...," the article reads.


"Deeply Bound to Ukraine, Putin Watches and Waits for Next Move" is another article published yesterday in the New York Times on the article. In his analysis of the Russian-Ukrainian relations, Steven Lee Myres writes: "Mr. Putin now faces the task of reasserting Russia’s influence in a country that it considers a fraternal ally, one with deep cultural, social and political connections that bind it to Moscow’s orbit regardless of its new government. Russia still has enormous leverage and close allies in Ukraine, particularly in the east and on the Crimea Peninsula, home of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and a sizable ethnic Russian population that views the leaders of the political uprising that toppled President Viktor F. Yanukovych with disdain.That has raised fears that Russia would use the disenchanted populations there as a pretext to intervene to reverse Ukraine’s new trajectory — even militarily, as the Kremlin did in two ethnic enclaves in 2008 in another former Soviet republic, Georgia."


"In the end, of all the problems that threatened to overshadow the Olympic Games in Sochi — terrorism, construction delays, even the weather — the one that materialized in Ukraine was one few expected," the article concludes.


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