Lawyer's plan to bring Israel, Turkey closer

Lawyer's plan to bring Israel, Turkey closer

Pyotr Lukimson, Israel. Exclusively to VK

The Israeli lawyer Loni Bahar, the head of the Turkish department of one of the major legal companies Gros-Klinginder, published his article on the normalization of Israeli-Turkish relations at the influential site

At the preamble Bahar writes that the current crisis in relations between the countries damages both Turkey and Israel. According to him, considering worsening of foreign political situation over Turkey, it is high time to normalize relations between Israel and Turkey. Bahar thinks that Israel should offer a hand to Turkey, and now this hand will be accepted gratefully. Bahar stands against the common for Israel statement that the problem is that Erdogan hates Jews and normalization is impossible under his power.

According to the first article of Bakar’s plan, Israel should apologize to Turkey for “tactical mistakes committed during interception of Mavi Marmara and death of Turkish citizens.”

Secondly, Israel should give a huge sum of money to the Fund of Help to Victims of Mavi Marmara interception and state that it is not responsible for the sum of money and its using – thus, Israel will fulfill the Turkish request to compensate deaths of murdered people to relatives. In return Turkey will reject demands on calling off Gaza blockade and state on absence of claims to Israel and normalizations of the relations.

This article might be stayed unimportant but for one fact. Bahar and the owners of the advocatory company are closely connected with major and very powerful Turkish and Israeli businessmen who have influence on governments of both countries. It seems the article was ordered for preparation of society for significant yielding by Israel.

Probably the plan of the agreement was developed by political and business circles of both countries, while the company Gross-Klingender was ordered to deal with juridical language acceptable for both sides.


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